about us

The ABF has its very own financial firm, ABF Finance, which was established to provide Dads an financial advice and short term loans to help them get through difficult times.

A Financial Planner can help you simplify financial data, helping you to educate yourself about money, build confidence and help you take control at a time of great uncertainty. It’s important to make your financial decisions before a settlement or negotiations have started as your financials need to be identified so that all your options are considered.

Quality of life, for many, means having financial security, job satisfaction, a happy family life and personal fitness and health. Our role in your quality of life is to discover what you want, the challenges you face, the changes you want and how to connect your money and resources with what excites you in your life. We take the burden off you so that you can concentrate on the things that you enjoy most.

Ever been in the situation where someone else has managed your money and you have no idea where it goes or what it does for you? Part of our process is to get you involved and show you what the likes of your superannuation is doing, where it is invested and what you are receiving. Your Superannuation and Investments plays a part in your long term goal, retirement, so why not get involved early and be a part of it.

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